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1.Experience- OVS has over 30 years of  combined turbo charging experience. This ensures that the customer is getting the best knowledge in the industry. Other kit manufactures have less than five years of experience in the industry. This is what creates customer dissatisfaction after purchasing a kit and it does not perform. Then a customer is struck with the product and ruins there outlook on turbo charged sled's. If thay had purchased a quality product that has years of tuning experience behind each turbo kit they would enjoy every heart throbbing second that they pull the trigger on there turbo charged machine.
2.Tuning -OVS writes all of it's own programming for the control boxes. OVS unlike others does not rely on a outside source to write programs and try to tune there high performance sled's.
3.Turbo sizing-OVS does not use undersized turbo chargers on any of the turbo applications just to increase profit margins on are turbo kits. These turbo chargers cost between $200-$300 more than what the other kit manufacturers are including in there kits. OVS uses a GT2871R Garrett ball bearing turbo on all 700cc/800cc applications unlike other kit builders that use a Garrett GT2860R Ball bearing turbo. Other kit manufacturers will try to convince you that they will spool faster and make the same power. The smaller turbo will make less power and will not spool any faster. The smaller turbo's will create inconstant and very peaky power bands that are hard to tune when running higher boost levels. OVS uses a GT3071R Garrett ball bearing turbo on the 1000cc/1200cc applications. This is the full size GT3071R with the same size turbine wheel that is found on the GT3076R. This turbo is a Hybrid series that gives the customer  the quick throttle response and smooth power band for easy tuning even when at the high boost levels. This is not the small GT3071R-WG with a .86 A/R housing that the other kit manufactures are using on there 1000cc/1200cc applications. This turbo does not spool any faster and displays many poor tuning qualities at higher boost levels. The larger and correct size tubo chargers allow the customer to get better fuel economy because the turbo is not demanding large amounts of  fuel to be thrown on the pistons because the turbo sizing is not moving the correct amount of air.

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