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OVS Turbo Reed Stops
   On the stock reeds the stopper is 1/8 shorter than the reed, not giving the end of the reed support when it's open causing the end of the reed to break.
   With the OVS reed stopper your reed life will be extended as mush as four times as you are getting with the stock reed stops.

Reed_stops_OVSSet of four $100.00 usd.

OVS Intank fuel Regulator

This intank regulator will convert your stock regulator into an adjustable fuel regulator, to help fine tune your sled. When modifying your sled it will require a richer or leaner mixture, with this regulator you can adjust the fuel pressure to richen or lean your sled. Also can be used as a 1:1 rising rate regulator for turbo applictions.
150.00 usd.
OVS Fuel pump bypass

When using a booster pump the stock pump in the tank will limit the amount of fuel that can be supplied to the engine. By using a the bypass you will get the quick starting of the stock pump and the high flow of the booster pump.                                                            
150.00 usd.

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